Treatment: methods and techniques

Hepatitis C virus

Pathogen: Hepatitis C virus

There are only very few liver diseases that can’t be beneficially influenced through timely therapy. Therefore, complementary to our fundamental laboratory and technical examinations, we also perform the completely painless ultrasound elastography procedure. With this technology the firmness of the liver is measured in order to detect the presence of a liver conversion — a so-called fibrosis. The firmer the liver, the more advanced the fibrosis and therefore the greater the risk for developing liver cirrhosis. Until now, such a diagnosis was only possible through the removal of liver tissue and a subsequent biopsy, which is painful and carries a risk of hemorrhage and is therefore declined by many patients. In contrast, the ultrasound elastography can be carried out as an outpatient procedure and can be repeated as often as required — for a precise diagnosis, but also to document the success of a therapy.

ARFI imaging equipment

ARFI Imaging: painless measurement of liver
elasticity by ultrasound